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Chapter 2 by switch76 switch76

How do you carry out the tasks?

In a group

Claire takes the mic, "You will be placed in groups of 4 to carry out the task. When your name is called, join your group and take an envelope."

Your name is one of the first to be called. You go up on stage. A girl from the sorority hands you an envelope and says "You can open it only when you are joined by all the members of your group." She points to an area at the side of the stage, away from everyone else and tells you to wait the other 3 members.

You follow her instructions and wait patiently. After a few minutes you see a girl walking towards you. When she gets a bit closer, you realise that it is Doe. She seems to recognise you at exactly the same moment. She rushes towards you with a big smile on her face. She wraps her arms around you giving you a big hug. "I'm so glad we're in the same group" she says, "This is going to be great!"

You are still busy chatting away to Doe when you hear a voice say "Hi, I'm Mike." You turn around and see a guy standing there. He is medium height and has short blonde hair and blue eyes. You and Doe introduce yourselves to him. "I'm really nervous" confesses Mike "I've heard all sorts of rumours of the embarrassing things that they'll make us do."

"Don't worry too much", Doe says reassuringly, "Just relax, have fun and think about all the great parties we'll get to go to once we join."

The last person to join your group is Sarah. She gives you a quick kiss on the lips and then introduces herself. Sarah is a tall athletic blonde with blue eyes. She has a slim figure but has curves in all the right places. From first impressions she seems confident, chatty and really outgoing.

"Now we're all here, let's find out what we've got to do" says Sarah excitedly. You nervously open the envelope.

What is the first task?

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