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Chapter 2 by EdGuy EdGuy

Where did he wake up?

In a... Greek City?

I woke up on a sidewalk moments later, with a small headache, wondering what the hell had happened to me. I had simply colapsed in the middle of the street without any indication of what had hit me. I tried to stand up, but i was still dazed and fell to the ground again. Luckily, a pair of young men who were jogging passed by and quickly tried to help me:

-"Hey sir!". Said one of them."Are you alright?"

-"Urrgh, i can´t see straight".I said. "Can you help me get up?"

-"Sure", said one of them.

They lended me their hands and quickly got me back up my feet. My vision was still dazzy and i could barely keep balance, but they quickly helped me keep myself straight(He he, keeping straight). After a few seconds, i started to finaly regain my composure,and i finaly got to see the world around me.

And then I immediately freezed out of shock.

-"Are you okay now?"Asked one of the men,"What happened to you?"

I tried to answer:

-"I.... iiiiiii was walking on this... ehhh this sidewalk and i.... ermmm....."

-"Sir, is there something wrong?" He asked.

Yes there was something wrong. They were Butt fucking naked. On the middle of the street. That´s what´s wrong.

In fact, only now i realised i was naked too. And the more i looked around, the more i was sure whatever had hitted me in the head had killed me and sent me straight to gay heaven. This place looked nothing like my hometown.

The gray ugly buildings around me were gone, switched to beautiful white buildings with intricate detailed paintings of that of greek legends and symbols that you would find in a history book, together with a variety of Lewd acts of men engaging in sex with other men, phallic symbols, and writings in greek with english translations that revealed the Lewd nature of the signs. And when i looked around me on the street level, it looked like a ancient greek city at first: Beautiful men of all varieties in robes, tunics and loincloths that barely covered their bodies walking around in what seemed like a street market, and people were moving around in carriages and carts moved by horses.

-"HOLY SHIT!!" I said. "I just came back in time!!"

Both the naked men got weirded out by my reaction

-"Back in time? What do you mean?"

-"I mean i´m not from this time era!" I said. "I have come back to ancient greek. How did this happened?"

The men immediately exploded in laugher. I was confused, but then again after apparently coming back in time, there was plenty i probably would not understand. But then my confusion was made worse after what they said:

-"Sir, I apreciate that you really believe that we´re in Greece right now, but this city is actually about 9000 km from greece. This town was build to represent the ideals in which we built modern society."

-"... The what?"

-"The greek ideals! You know, the ones that our society is built upon since the past millennia"

I couldn´t not be more confused:

-"Millennia? What year is it?!?"

-"2017 of course." One of them answered. "We got technology, we´re not primitive"

That was the big wake up call. I was still in the same year as before. Just a very, very, very diferent place than before. At first i thought i misheard him, but the more i paid attencion, i noticed details that showed he was right: Both the men that helped me had some sort of belt that, apart from holding their dicks, was holding cellphones and wallets. When i looked around the street, i saw men dressed in more "Futuristic" outfits, like thongs, spandex shorts, football shorts and pants that left the ass bare. They were few, but they were there.

When i looked at the market, i saw men using credits cards and Payments Terminals, lit up signs and even some cash registers. The carriages had radios playing news and music, some of them playing greek music, ironic enough, and the light posts i saw on the road had lamps on then, instead of candles. And to top it all of, i saw a Billboard on top of a building a bit further into the city. That in itself is enough reason to prove that this was not ancient greece, but what really tipped me the fuck off was the content of said billboard:

A man openly sucking the dick of another man, in plain view for everyone to see. The man sucking looked like just a twink, and the man getting sucked was older, mid-40s or something. There was a text below that said "We are more than citzens of EROS: We are brothers of desire and pleasure, warriors of the same goals, and siblings of the same ideals of community and eroticism. On this father´s day, remember your teachings, and show your gratefulness to the one that took care of you".

Wait, is that a father gettin sucked by his own son? In a billboard in the middle of the city? What the fuck?

I was getting more confused by the minute.

What do you do now?

More fun
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