Chapter 17 by lexist lexist

What's next?

Fuck Jo

Jo is drunk, ready and waiting for sex, and has no idea I'm not Kenny. I'll likely never have a chance to have such a taboo experience completely consequence free again. I can't pass it up. I quickly walk up behind Jo drop my shorts and boxers and grab my already aching hard cock in my hand and line it up with her waiting pussy. I bring the head of my cock to within an inch of my daughter's hot glistening folds. I hesitate, this might be wrong, I know this is wrong. This is my daughter, my baby girl. I think of her cute innocent smile. Her big brown eyes. Her beautiful smooth skin. Her flawless ass, inches in front of me.

"I know you're back there, what are you waiting for?" Jo throws out her words in an inpatient slur. She searchingly thrusts her hips back, making contact with my cock. Her wet pussy lips slide along the crown of my manhood. At the end of the motion, I see and feel Jo's pussy lips wrap around the tip of my shaft.

This contact is all it takes. All my thoughts of building up resolve and walking away are gone. I want nothing more than to feel my whole length enveloped by her sweet warmth. In one motion I thrust into my youngest daughter's sex as hard as I can. I soft but deep grunt escapes her lips. The feel is almost indescribable. Three quarters of my length is inside Jo now. I seem to be able to feel ever small stretch of my cock, Jo is hot and tight and soft and somehow almost crisp all at once. My cock is overwhelmed with the sensation of Jo's vagina wrapped around my shaft and I feel harder and longer than I ever have before.

I begin to pull in and out of Jo fast and hard. It's difficult for me to focus on much but the sensation of my cock inside of her. But I notices snippets of detail. Jo's soft moans as I slam into her which gradually become higher pitched as she nears an orgasm. "ohhh....ohh...ahh..ahh...ieeh..ieehh!" I see Jo's firm pussy lips stretch around and follow my cock on each time I pull out of her sweet cunt. Her lips appear to pull me back in with each inward thrust.

I can feel my impending orgasm approaching. I increase my thrusts trying to reach that orgasmic bliss inside my daughter. I'm now practically lifting her off the table with each upward thrusts. The change in motion is two much for Jo and she lets out a high pitched squeal, "Eeeeee.!!!!", her tight pussy clenches and becomes even tighter. And then suddenly her body goes limp, she appears to have passed out. But her pussy is still rhythmically quivering and clenching around my cock as the orgasm continues to pass through her unconscious body.

I'm within seconds of cumming and I have to decide what to do.

What's next?

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