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Chapter 77 by Luka32 Luka32

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Corruption of a housewife

I grab her hips in my hands looking in her eyes as I lower her hips down inch by inch. About halfway down she says, “Fuck.” I keep going until our hips meet. She makes a cute little moan as she grinds her hips into mine. She starts hopping on my cock. Slowly at first. She blushes as she says, “Mmm… so deep.”

Two can play her game. “Soo… Aunt Izzy?” Her hips are rolling as I talk. “You wanted this since you first saw me didn’t you? You imagined me fucking you right there in your room as your clueless husband was only feet away?” She nods sheepishly. Her hips pick up speed as I talk. “Say it.”

She fingers run through her hair. “I wanted you to fuck me.”

“Say it again.” She starts frantically bouncing on my cock.

“I needed you to take me. God I needed it!” She bounces on my cock grabbing the couch as she does.

“Good girl.” She slows down kisses me as she grinds into me. After a few minutes she starts riding me again with added fervor.

She grabs my chin looking me directly in my eyes, demanding “Fuck me John!” I start thrusting up into her as she rides me. I grab her hips pounding her cunt like a man possessed.

*Slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* “God yes!” *Slap* *slap*

I’ve gotten good enough at this to know she is about to cum. I can see it all across her face. A wicked idea forms in my mind. I stop moving holding her hips steady with my firm grip. Looking at her she lets of a tortured moan grinding into my hips as best she can. “Tell me you would do anything I ask.”

“YES! I’ll sign the papers right now just don’t stop!”

I start thrusting into her rubbing her clit as I go. She screams out “FUUUCCCKK!” squirt explodes all over my chest.

Continuing to thrust into her orgasmic cunt I say, “That’s not what I’m going to ask.” She writes on top of me riding out what appears to be a mind shattering orgasm. He eyes lock on mine as a look of bliss appears on her face. “I want you to beg me to cum inside you.”

She looks down for a second, “But I’m not on….”

“You said anything.” She smiles.

“Please, John. Cum inside me!” I start thrusting into her faster. She is starting to get into it. “Let it all out, don’t hold back, cum in aunt Izzy’s womb.” She kisses me softly. I hilt inside her cuming hard into her. She lets out a moan saying “Mmmm that was fun.”

What's next?

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