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Chapter 7 by Aronson Aronson

Who will take the lead now?

Ben goes hard on mom's throat

Ben knew his mom was trying to buy time, but he wanted to keep going. Again, he grabbed her head and pulled her towards him. Sarah's mouth opened reluctantly and Ben pushed right into his mother's throat.

Sarah had lost control. The erotic game had turned into her being used by her own son. But between the deep strokes into her throat and the feeling of his penis on her tounge and lips she felt ... good. She felt needed, yet carefree. She didn't have to take any responsebility. Sure, she had allowed her own son to use her, to commit the act of incest in her very own mouth. But right now, she only had to let him use her. She only had to let her son fuck her mouth, her throat, to use his mom like like a cheap slut. She was her son's whore. And she liked it.

Ben kept fucking his mothers mouth harder and harder. Her face was a mess. Her make-up was ruined by her tears, her lipstick smeared, and the lower half of his mom's face was covered in saliva and mucus. He felt like a king, like the Boss of her mouth. His cock felt the warmth of her mouth, the tightening at the tonsils and her throat. From time to time his mom had to breath, sometimes cough, too. Still his mommy-whore was sexy as hell, her face all messy. Ben smiled at her, she returned a smile, blinking an eye.

"Oh my god, Ben. What are you doing to your poor mommy?" she asked as he pulled out to let her breathe. "You are fucking my mouth like I was your whore. Is mommy your whore, son?"

As he pushed his cock back into his mom-whore's mouth, he moaned loudly, recalling his mother's words. "Ah yes, mom, you are now my whore, my incestmommy-whore!"

She loved to hear him talk to her like that. Pleasuring her own son like that, she had to place a hand between her legs, grabbing her pussy, caressing herself through her pants. Saliva dropped from her chin onto her hand, again and again onto her cleavage.

How will mom and son go on? Will Ben come soon or do it harder? Or will he fuck his mom?

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