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Chapter 2 by RicoLouis RicoLouis

Where to First?



“Let’s go see if mom has anything good to eat.” Alex said with a smile.

“Sounds good to me.” Jo said rubbing her belly before unfastening her seat belt.

“What are you doing?” He said as she climbed between the seats and into the back of the SUV.

“Changing clothes.” She said as he looked up in the mirror to see her tight tone ass in the air as she leaned over the backseat fiddling with suitcases and stuff they had in the back.

“Like it really matters if you’re wearing a bra.” He teased. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been braless at his house before having crashed there from time to time.

“Remind me to hurt you later.” She said not bothering to reach back up front and smack him.

“You can’t threaten a masochist.” He teased as he glimpsed in the mirror. Her back still to him.

“You say that now, but if I was a dominatrix.” She said as she pulled her shirt over her head.

“Is it wrong I am picturing you in a black leather cat suit?” He teased as he looked back to the road and made a turn off the highway down an old dirt road.

“Better not be, I am more of a red skin tight latex girl.” She said as she leaned up front. An image of her dressed in a skin tight red outfit holding a riding crop popped in his head.

“I will keep that in mind with your birthday coming up.” He said as he looked over at her and grinned as she went back he caught a quick glimpse of her cotton candy pink puffy nipples.

“So what is your cousin like anyways?” Jo asked as she put on a bra. That explained it. She like a guy always wanted to loo her best when meeting a girl for the first time.

“You meet Becca.” He said with a shrug. Becca had never really grown up. She was still a bit of a child at heart. She was now a party girl who liked to dance, drink a little.

“Years ago.” She said as she snapped her bra behind her back. He frowned a little hoping to see more.

“She hasn’t changed any. Maybe a little more wild at heart, defiantly hasn’t got any taller. She’s a lot like you, you’ll like her. Just no trying to lesbinate, lesbinize, what is the word for making someone a lesbian anyways.” He grinned.

“Where not vampires, we don’t make other lesbians.” She said as she turned sitting down as she shimmied out of her shorts into just her undies. It was good they were off the highway he thought.

“That be a movie I would go see. Lezpires the awaking. ” He grinned.

“I want to lick your clit.” She added in a terrible thick accent which made him laugh. He glimpsed her sliding into her jeans, her small perky breast bouncing a little as she did.

“And I make no promises, girls got to eat. If she comes on to me than its fair game, I can’t help it if bi-curious gene runs in your family.” She tease him as she shook out a tee shirt and pulled it over her hair.
“I still can’t get over you told me about mom.” He said shaking his head. After Jo had been outed his mom had told her that she herself had fooled around in college. He had to pretend that he hadn’t found the news titillating; truthfully he wanted to know more though didn’t know the best way to go about it without sounding to perverted.

“Hey you asked.” She said fixing her shirt and putting on some deodorant.

“Like you haven’t thought about my mom after I told you about her as a stripper.” She said as she leaned forward and tossed the deodorant in his lap. Her mom had told her about her past after Jo had been outed. Susan had worked as a striper to put herself through school and take care of her two kids after their dad had walked out. It was to assure Jo that her mom had done it for them and no matter what Jo did she would always be there for her no matter what. He couldn’t help but picture a twenty something Susan in a thong and pasties with tassels dancing on a table. Truth told the woman still could probably do it today. He took the deodorant and began putting it on, luckily Jo bought the stuff that was made for a man, and after practice she usually needed it.

“Fair enough.” He shrugged. She climbed back into the front seat as she fixed her hair pulling it into a ponytail. They talked for a bit as he drove down the road as it winded along the hills until he turned onto the road where his mailbox sat driving down the road a bit until the old smith family white two story house set in front of the lake. His grandparents had raised his dad and aunt in that house, his dad had given him the house in his will on the condition that his mom and sister always had a place in it. Spanish moss blew lightly in the wind hanging from large trees that shaded the house. They were nice in the spring and summer but where a bitch in the fall trying to rake up all the leaves. He turned down the music as they approached the house and turned the car off letting it roll up wanting to try and surprise whoever was up. They got the bags out of the back and carried them inside. Alex fiddled with the keys and opened the door to find the living room empty.

“Just set the bags down by the couch I will bring them upstairs later.” Alex said putting down the one’s he was carrying. No point in worrying about it until he figured out where he was crashing.

“Well I am going to go pee.” Jo smiled and headed for the downstairs bathroom.

“Okay.” He smiled watching her walk away in her skin tight jeans. He debated going upstairs and seeing if anyone was up yet or go see if he could find something to eat.

Head for the kitchen or upstairs to his room, moms room, sisters room?

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