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Chapter 2 by JohnLocke4 JohnLocke4

Where does Hannah take you?

[List Of Characters]

While everyone is free to make up any characters they wish, I just thought I'd put down the main characters of my threads. Feel free to include/use them in any way you wish if you plan on writing your own thread, regardless of who they are/what they do in my threads. Ergo, one of the good guys could be a bad guy in yours or the leader could be a simple guard, up to you!

Hannah Clark- A gorgeous red-headed girl with a rather upbeat and eccentric personality. Despite the situation, she looks for the fun where she can in the apocalypse. She likes near everyone, though ones who tend to be over serious and bark out orders are usually on her bad side. Regardless of her thoughts on people, if they are in the group she protects them and if she meets someone who seems like a good fit she has no issue with trusting them.

Scott Green- A young black man, with a stern demeanor, he is often thrown into situations by his own doing and reacts where others may not. He shows leadership capabilities but is wary to take up any actual leadership roles due to the weight of all the responsibility. In the end, he is a fiercely loyal man who will go to the ends of the earth to do protect those who earn his trust.

Andy Walker- Andy, being a state trooper, saw some of the worst situations during the fall of the normal world. Having been beaten down by these events he's turned into a very cold individual, who doesn't open up to anyone and is distant to all. His short fuse makes him little friends but his tactical thinking and overprotective nature make him an asset that people often need.

Gregory Russo- An elderly gentleman who unfortunately only speaks Italian, leaving him more isolated than anyone else. Due to his age he often slows groups down but his wisdom and overall knowledge often make up for this. He has a quiet disposition that has a calming effect on some and will do whatever he can to benefit the best interests of the groups he's in.

Mindy Helms- A beautiful Asian woman with a talent for sharpshooting, she is often found on a guard duty with a rifle in her hand. She is a warm individual who checks in on and supports those he needs it. Past that she enjoys being alone with her thoughts but doesn't mind spending the whole day with someone she is close to.

Devin Anderson- A young black college student who snuck off campus with his longtime friend, and fellow student, Ellie during the fall. He is very upbeat, seeing the good in almost every situation and person he meets. He is book smart and doesn't like to rush head first into situations, usually planning things out minimizing risk where ever he can.

Ellie Smith- A blonde haired college student who was talked into sneaking off campus by her friend Devin. She doesn't like what the world has become and often needs support from others, often Devin. That being said she isn't useless, being a talented cook and daughter of a carpenter, she has talents that not only keep people's morale up but protected.

Eli Woods- A short-tempered, heartless man who sees the world for what it is, hell. He is out to protect what's his and nothing more. Will rarely lend a hand if it endangers himself but will often take charge and handle things if he thinks it's in everyone's best interest. He often points to himself as the one in charge and will butt heads with anyone who questions that or gives him orders.

Alex Reed- A long-serving military sergeant, he is one of the last enlisted members of the military that continues to keep order and act out on orders that were given at the initial fall. He believes that somewhere, someone is still in control and that they only need to find them. Due to this, he takes charge of the group, planning things out and keeping as many safe as he can. He is an easy man to talk to and can be convinced to act differently if told that it would be better for everyone involved.

Randy Weaver- A portly politician that survived the initial fall, he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and doing the tough things that the world often requires. Makes most uneasy as he always points out actions that seem vile as a necessary evil that would make their lives easier. Can usually be found wandering around camp, not doing much to assist.

Haily Harris- A middle-aged mother who was out on business when the fall happened, leaving her emotionally distraught on the wellbeing of her family. She accepts the world for what it is and doesn't argue when an extreme method has to be taken, that being said she doesn't like them. She gives off a comforting presence to most of the group usually acting as the nurse and therapist for all.

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